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National Human Rights Institutions Forum
An international forum for researchers and practitioners in the field of national
human rights institutions. At this site you will find:
bullet Key global and regional documents
bullet Documentation on the work of global and regional fora
bullet Information on and from national human rights institutions
bullet Bibliography and research materials
bullet Capacity building and training resources
21th ICC Meeting 19-20 October 2008

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Human Rights Council Commemorative Session of the UDHR 60

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NEW:ICC Statute:        English      Spanish      French
Nairobi Declaration:   English      Spanish      French

Treaty Body Sessions 2009
UPR Sessions 2009

  UPR Schedule 2009

  4th Session Timetable for UPR

  5th Session Timetable for UPR
 9th International Conference
Nairobi, Kenya
Human Rights Council
NHRI participation in the sessions of the Human Rights Council See the OHCHR Information Note on NHRI participation available via
An International Task Team urges some 74 countries worldwide to respect the principle of non-discrimination and to abolish HIV-related travel restrictions.
Information on applying for accreditation including the template Statement of Compliance with the Paris Principles. ( Updated May 2008 )
 The 9th International Conference of National Human Rights Institutions held in Nairobi,Kenya,from 21 to 24 october 2008 on the theme :"National Human Rights Institutions and the Administration of justice".
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