Video from UN High Commissioner's
visit to the Danish Centre for
Human Rights in Denmark

 High Commissioner Mary Robinson's speech (Duration 26:40 min.)

Director Morten Kjærum welcomed the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights,  Mrs. Mary Robinson. Mr. Mr. Kjærum expressed his pleasure at    receiving Mrs. Robinson and the guests on the occasion of the launch of the new web site "National  Human Rights Institutions Forum" ( 
Mrs. Robinson thanked Mr. Kjærum for the opportunity to take part in the launching of the web site and visions and expectations in linking national human rights' institutions together through the medium of the internet. The High Commissioner focused on issues of great importance and actuality, i.e. the World Conference Against Racism held in South Africa, the terror attack on the WTC, and the development assistance needed in Afghanistan. Mrs. Robinson stressed that this is not the time for cutting back development assistance.


 Question 1.
(Duration 4:13 min.)

What key role do the companies have in relation to the question of the social, economical and cultural rights?


 Question 2.
(Duration 3:27 min.)

In light of September 11th, do you see new tasks, new
possibilities, new needs for ways of cooperation between the UN Human Rights bodies and national human rights organisations and institutions ?


 Question 3.
(Duration: 4:06 min.)

During the election campaign Denmark was very heavily critizised for
the way it was handling the issue of foreigners, and Morten Kjærum was in the Danish radio this morning critizising that the new Danish government may choose not to recognize de facto refugees. Do you have any comments on that?


 Question 4.
(Duration: 3:10 min.)

E-mail question from Civil Society Resource Center, Macedonia, Skopje.
Does UNHCHR have a mechanism for direct protection of human rights
defenders, especially from the state organs and in a crisis period?


 Question 5.
(Duration: 3:28 min.)

We have a situation in Denmark where more and more people question the authority of the UN Refugee Convention and other instruments and Denmark's obligations as a party to them. Can you elaborate a little on this theme?


 Question 6.
(Duration: 3:32 min.)

E-mail question from The International Abolitionist Federation
What will your future work be in relation to prevention of trafficing in
women and children, and is there anything you can do to prevent peacekeeping forces from exploiting women in the areas where they operate?


 Question 7. (Duration: 3:37 min.)

Do you have a message for a Danish government which has made it a focal point of its new national budget to have cut backs in development aid?


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