Case Handling Database

Welcome to the Case Handling Database for National Human Rights Institutions!

What information is available?

Here you can find information on the case handling mandates, procedures and methods applied in National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs). Furthermore, you will find relevant documents, including the legal instruments as well as a number of case handling materials from NHRIs (manuals, complaint forms etc.). Lastly, you will find basic information (contact details etc.) for the selected NHRIs. Please note that all information has been submitted by and with the permission of the individual NHRIs represented. In addition, some founding legislation on African NHRIs has also been provided by the Human Rights Centre, University of Pretoria. 


The establishment of this Database is a result of the request made by national institutions at the Sixth International Conference for National Human Rights Institutions held in Copenhagen and Lund on 10-13 April 2002


The Case Handling Database has been developed by the Danish Institute for Human Rights with financial support from the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights as well as the Danish and Swedish Ministries for Foreign Affairs.


How to proceed?

To proceed, click on the link below and simply select the countries or regions as well as specific subjects you are interested in.


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Is your NHRI not represented in the Case Handling Database?

If your NHRI wishes to be represented in the Case Handling Database, please click here to proceed.



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