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A compilation of UN Treaty Body Recommendations and
Concluding Observations  relevant to National Institutions since 2000


When a state ratifies an international treaty, it assumes the obligation to implement the provisions of the treaty at the national level. It also assumes the obligation to submit reports periodically to the treaty bodies on the measures it has taken to ensure the enjoyment of the rights provided in the treaties. Reports of the States parties are examined by the treaty bodies, along with information from a variety of sources, in the presence of a delegation from the reporting State.


The examination of a report culminates in the adoption of “concluding observations/comments”, in which the treaty body presents its concerns and makes specific recommendations to the State party for future action. The State is expected to undertake the necessary measures to implement the recommendations of the treaty bodies. A principal purpose of the treaty body system is to ensure human rights protection at the national level.


National Human Rights Institutions (NIs) are a cornerstone of the work of the international community to ensure the promotion and protection of human rights at the national level. They do so by, among other things, improving the implementation of conclusions and recommendations of human rights treaty bodies at the national level through the strengthening of national capacity. NIs can also engage their governments and other national players in necessary consultations to try and enhance compliance with treaty body recommendations.


Indeed, the Paris Principles provide that NIs have responsibility to ensure that national legislation is in harmony with international human rights instruments.  NIs should encourage ratification of instruments and ensure their effective implementation.  Similarly they have a critical role in the reporting process either through contributing to the preparation of States party reports or where necessary expressing independent opinions. 


In this section you will find a compilation of recommendations relevant to NIs that have been made by treaty bodies since 2000. Only the recommendations that relate to NIs are included in this compilation. The full text of all the recommendations can be found on the website of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights:

Attempts will be made to regularly update the compilation in order to reflect as much as possible, all the recommendations relevant to NIs as and when they are adopted by the treaty bodies.


November 9. 2007 Treaty bodies' activities


Fifth Inter-Committee Meeting and Eighteenth Meeting of Chairpersons, Geneva, 19-23 June 2006.



The ICC presented a Recommendations Paper regarding the engagement of National human Rights Institutions in the Treaty Body Process.




A discussion paper on the role of National Human Rights Institutions in the Treaty body Process and Draft Guidelines prepared by the National institutions unit were also distributed


Recommendations relating to National Human Rights Institutions since 2000
(Updated October 2006)

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