• Arab European Human Rights Dialogue

    The National Centre for Human Rights in Jordan and the Danish Institute for Human Rights held the first High Level Meeting of the Arab European Human Rights Dialogue in Amman (Jordan), 18-19 April 2007. The topic of the event was "Terrorism and Human Rights". European and Arab NHRIs discussed, with international actors such as OHCHR, the role of NHRIs with particular reference to anti-terrorism legislation and its impact on discrimination, fair trial and freedom of association.

    The full text of the conference’s conclusions and recommendations can be found here (PDF)



  • Group of specialists on human rights and the fight against terrorism(DH-S-TER)

    Position paper of the European Group of National Institutions for the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights
    on the use of diplomatic assurances in the context of expulsion procedures and the appropriateness of drafting a legal instrument relating to such use.

    Read the Paper here

  • UNESCO World Forum on human rights, Nantes, France 16-19 May 2004
    "National Human Rights Institutions (NHRI): the protection of international human rights while countering terrorism" A roundtable organized by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), 17 May 2004

    Read the report here

  • Terrorism and the Rule of Law

    Information produced last year on the topic of Terrorism and the Rule of Law by the Asia Pacific Forum of National Human Rights Institutions for its Advisory Council of Jurists as well as the Final Report of the Jurists.

    The Advisory Council’s Final Report on the Reference on the Rule of Law in Combating Terrorism is a comprehensive analysis of the international law, standards and principles that relate to anti-terrorism measures. The Report also contains detailed information about State laws relative to terrorism, comparing and contrasting State laws with international laws and standards. The Report makes a series of recommendations in relation to member States of the Asia Pacific Forum.

    All information can be found here:


















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