HUMAN RIGHTS DAY (10 December 2004)
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Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Individuals and organisations in areas such as community development, law, media and the arts; education experts; teachers and students. Human rights Medal and Awards Ceremony ; Human rights education modules developped for upper primary and secondary schools Promoting understanding and tolerance within communities; contributing to broader attitudinal changes; Building partnerships with government and non-government agencies; developping in students an awareness of their HRs and responsibilites.
France Commission Nationale Consultative des Droits de l'Homme NGOs; Teachers and Students of secondary schools; Police; Prison; Magistrates; Lawyers. Human Rights Award of the French Republic and "René Cassin" Human Rights Award Promoting human rights education among young students; Developping human rights training for teachers; police; personnel of prisons; magistrates and lawyers.
Mongolia National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia Media; University students; police; persons with disabilities and police. Human Rights Campaign; TV programmes; Students contest; Public lecture; human rights training session and lauching publications on HRs education. Reviewing and improving the human rights curriculum in secondary schools.
Senegal Comité Sénégalais des Droits de l'Homme Ministry of Education; Ministry of Justice; Prison administration; Schools; NGOs Training seminars on child education; Visits of detention centers; "René Cassin"  contest; Conference on the theme "HRs and value of society: tolerance; peace and solidarity"; Film on HRs Introducing HRs in school curricula and in professional areas; promoting and developping HRs awareness.
Togo Commission National des Droits de l'Homme Ministry of Education; NGOs, UNESCO clubs A one day reflexion on "Decade on HRs Education"; Policy on HRs Education in Togo; Action of the Commission in the field of HRs Education; Reinforcing the cooperation between the CNDH and different actors implicated in HRs education.
Tunisia Comité Supérieur des Droits de l'Homme et des Libertés Fondamentales Public services and the civil society at a large A one day reflexion with public services and components of the civil society. Disseminating the HRs education; Taking stock of steps taken and implemented activities in the field of HRs education.

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