Eighteenth Session of the Annual Meeting of the
International Coordinating Committee (ICC)

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Information note [as of 17 Aug 2006]     English     French     Spanish


Find information on the 8th International Conference here





The sequencing of the documents is based on the agenda items (See agenda under item 2):




1. Statement by Mr. Morten Kjaerum, Chairperson of the ICC

[Available in-session]

2. Adoption of the Agenda

Provisional Agenda [as of 22 Sep. 2006]      English     French     Spanish

3. Adoption of the report of the 17th session of the ICC

Draft Report of the 17th Session of the ICC       English     Spanish




4. Issues arising from the 8th International Conference of NIs and plans for the 9th International Conference

5. Role of NIs in the Human Rights Council:

a. Report back from first two sessions: lessons learned – Ms. Anne-Marie Garrido

b. Future engagement – Dr. Javier Moctezuma

6. Role of NIs in the United Nations treaty bodies

a. Reports of Inter-Committee Meeting and Malbun discussions  - Ms. Frauke Seidensticker

b. Plans for International Roundtable (Berlin, November) – Ms. Frauke Seidensticker


FRIDAY 27 OCTOBER, 0900-1200


7. NIs under threat and early warning mechanisms

National Institutions in need:  Guidelines for Early Warning      English      French     Spanish

8. Progress report on the 8th session of the Ad Hoc Committee on a Comprehensive and Integral International Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Rights and Dignity of Persons with Disabilities;


9. Consideration and adoption of the report of the ICC Sub-Committee on Accreditation including discussions of amendments

Discussion Paper on Accreditation  [ FINAL as of 25 Sep. 2006]      English     French     Spanish

10. Other business

11. Closing business session

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