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10th International Conference of NHRIs on "Business and Human Rights"


     Joint Letter HC-ICC Chair-Scotish Human Rights Commission      English     French     Spanish

     Edinburgh Declaration        English    French     Spanish

     Edinburgh Declaration adopted and more news on

     Internation Conference Programme    English    French     Spanish     Arabic

     Final Statement -NGO Forum

     Individual Papers

    Corporate Responsibiltiy and Human Rights- Australia    English    French     Spanish     Arabic 
    Doing Business in High Risk human rights environments-Denmark   
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    Promoting and Protecting Human Rights in the Corporate Sector-Cameroon  
English    French   Spanish    Arabic
    Acess to a remedy for corporate human rights abuses-Uganda   
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    Corperate responsibility-UK      English    French     Spanish     Arabic

    New Challenges and New Chances for NHRIs  KOREA     English    French     Spanish     Arabic

    Invitation letter                 English     French    Spanish      Arabic 
    Draft program                 
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    Documents 10th International Conference   

    Background Papers

    Concept Note               English     French       Spanish      Arabic

    Thematic Papers 
    Working Towards Regional Action Plans: Optional Framework    English     French     Spanish     Arabic

    Thematic Paper on Human Trafficking                                       English     French     Spanish     Arabic

    Thematic Paper on Child Labour and Young Workers                 English     French     Spanish     Arabic

    Thematic Paper on Safe and Healthy Environment                     English     French     Spanish     Arabic

    Thematic Paper on Privatisation and Public Procurement            English     French     Spanish     Arabic

    Mary Robinson, the former President of Ireland and former UN High Commissioner on Human Rights  

     will attend the event, which will see the 'Edinburgh Declaration'  drafted as part of the conference. 
       Delegates from over 80 countries including NHRIs, international and regional experts, United Nations

     officials,government representatives, civil society and business  organisations will discuss human rights

     issues on the theme of Business and Human Rights, and the role national institutions can play in improving

     human rights in a globalised world.   
    The conference is being held in cooperation the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human

    Rights (OHCHR) and the International Coordinating Committee of National Institutions for the Promotion and

    Protection of Human Rights (ICC). 
   Presiding Officer Alex Fergusson MSP said: "This will be the first time this conference has been held in a

   legislature and I look forward to welcoming delegates from around the globe to the Scottish Parliament next

   year. "The work undertaken by human rights institutions around the world plays a vital role. The Scottish

   Parliament is proud not only to recognize this work but also to play our part in promoting debate and good

   practice in this area." 
   Previous NHRI International Conferences have been held in Kenya (2008), Bolivia (2006), Korea (2004),

   Denmark (2002) and Morocco (2000). 
  Professor Alan Miller, Chair of the Scottish Human Rights Commission said:

  "We are delighted to be celebrating international Human Rights Day today by announcing this conference

  coming to Scotland.

  "Although ours is one of the newest Commissions in the world, by securing this event we are playing our part 

  on the international stage. I'm sure that all of the delegates from our sister organisations in Africa, Asia-


  the Americas and the rest of Europe will share a wealth of experiences in Edinburgh during this important



   Navi Pillay, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, who will also be invited to attend,

  added: "This conference will provide an excellent opportunity for national human rights institutions to discuss

  and share priorities and strategies to improve the application of human rights norms in the corporate arena.
  "National institutions play a key role in ensuring human rights are applied at the national level, and are also

  well  placed to do serious human rights business with companies headquartered in their countries." 

  First Minister Alex Salmond said: "I was pleased to support the bid to host this conference and I am delighted 

  that is has been successful. This is a real vote of confidence      from the international community in Scotland

  and the work of the Scottish Human Rights Commission. The concept of human rights also extends to the

  impact of climate change on countries across the globe, which is why I am proud that Scotland is pioneering

  world-leading targets for tackling global warming, and why just this week I have announced the creation of a

  new 2020 delivery group to deliver those targets."

  The conference will take place in the Debating Chamber and Committee Rooms of the Scottish Parliament

  from Thursday 7 October until Sunday 10 October 2010. 
  OHCHR will provide financial support to this conference, including funding for NHRI delegates from Least

  Developed Countries (LDCs) to attend and share their experiences on human rights and business.
   For further details please contact:

   Jenifer Johnston
   Scottish Human Rights Commission
   Tel: 07736 885 497

    Lisa Sekaggya
   OHCHR National Institutions and Regional Mechanisms Section
   Tel: + 41 22 928 9416

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